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Planting new trees in the Netherlands

The Plant A Tree Organization aims to plant millions of trees in the Netherlands over the next 3 years. Stopping and reversing deforestation is one of the most effective ways to create a healthy ecosystem on Earth, to reduce CO2. Creating new forests is what we as humanity should do so that our wonderful world can breathe again. By purchasing a sustainable product from us, the proceeds go to our project “the emission cleanup” so we can buy land and turn it into a beautiful forest. This way we ensure that those fields and trees remain protected.


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Great selection of trees donation gifts, easy navigation, informative guides. Fast shipping and excellent customer service. Perfect for eco-conscious gardeners!

Joshua / Hall

Supports reforestation efforts worldwide. Transparent impact reports. Easy donation process. A meaningful way to contribute to environmental conservation.

Andrew / Wright

Unique and thoughtful gifts. Planting trees in honor of loved ones. Sustainable and impactful presents that give back to the planet.


Victoria / Taylor